The European Commission presented new initiatives for digital infrastructure

On February 21st, the European Commission presented a set of possible actions to foster the innovation, security and resilience of digital infrastructures. It highlights that the future competitiveness of Europe’s economy depends on advanced digital network infrastructures and services since fast, secure, and widespread connectivity is essential for the deployment of the technologies that will bring the population into modern world of tomorrow containing such developing components as: assistive technologies, telemedicine and personalised health care, connected mobility, automated driving, predictive maintenance of buildings or precision agriculture etc.

The digital connectivity package within this initiative aims to foster a discussion on concrete proposals with stakeholders, EU countries and like-minded partners on how to shape future EU digital policy actions. One of the steps is an introduction of the White Paper on “How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs?” – document that analyses the challenges Europe currently faces in the rollout of future connectivity networks and presents possible scenarios to attract investments and to foster innovation in the digital sector. Reflecting the paper, an open public consultation invites the civil society representatives to reflect on the European Commission’s future proposals in this domain to make them more inclusive and accessible.

You can access more detailed information on the initiative here.