DUB-IN’s Final Multiplier Event in Brussels

On March 18th, EPR organised the Final Multiplier Event of the Erasmus+ Project “DUB-IN: The transformative Power of my Voice” whose main objective is to foster the social inclusion of people with psychosocial disabilities by using the art of dubbing to train their social and interpersonal skills.

The event brought together external participants, project partners and the valuable participation of Sofia Sevenants, European Year of Skills Taskforce (European Commission). Sevenants set the stage of the conference by providing a comprehensive overview of the aims and objectives of the European Year of Skills, highlighting the importance of projects like DUB-IN in fostering skill development of people in vulnerable situations.

Maria Berracedo, EU Project management, Fundación INTRAS, shared the following project results in an interactive and engageing way. The project’s results are composed by:

  • DUB-IN’s Online Training Service: a didactic tool designed for teachers and trainers who work with people with psychosocial disabilities;
  • DUB-IN App: a tool to practise dubbing independently during and after the training course.

Check the project’s website: https://www.dub-in.eu/