DUB-IN: The transformative Power of my Voice

DUB-IN is an Erasmus+ funded project specifically addressed to people with psychosocial disability (PwPD), suffering from severe mental health issues as schizophrenia. The DUB-IN project not only looks for an improved way to deliver social skills training in terms of effectiveness and applicability, but also provides trainers, practitioners, researchers and designers with new prospers and approaches to address the emergency of improving social functioning of PwPD that service providers can try instead


This group of severe mental health issues as schizophrenia are characterized by cognitive, psychophysiological and interpersonal deficits, which make more difficult to acquire and develop new skills and which require the adaptation and accommodation of learning/training opportunities. PwPD also show a decrease in motivation, interest and pleasure, but if there is a deficit that characterizes it, it is low social functioning. There are difficulties at the levels of social connection (social problems resolution, initiating/maintaining/finishing conversations, express opinions, make/accept critics, etc.) that puts them in a high risk of social exclusion. Currently, MH organizations are carrying out different approaches to improve social skills of PwPD, and although these interventions can have positive consequences for them.


  • Providing trainers and practicioners working with PwMI with training solutions to address the lack of social skills of their target groups.
  • Designing a unique and attractive training program, based on dubbing and the real social/communication needs of PwMI.
  • Designing a training model which provides PwMI with real opportunities to: improve their social skills; facilitate the transfer of the skills learnt; connect training and real life; and, increase their visibility as voice actors, and thus the diversity of existing voices.
  • Improve social functioning of PwMI using dubbing of well –selected scenes in regards of clear and individualized learning objectives


The project is led by Fundación INTRAS and implemented together with 5 organisations including:

EKP&PSY (Greece)

PROMENTE (Austria)

EPR (Belgium)

NKUA (Greece)

Smashing Times (Ireland)


Maria Carracedo Bustamante, Fundación INTRAS: mcb@intras.es

Alicia Gómez Campos, EPR:  agomezcampos@epr.eu