Workshops – organisational resilience and effective leadership

Online (on Zoom) 30th November, 14.00-16.00 CET, 9th December 14.00-16.00

In today’s world, the hyper change and disruption swirling around leaders is unprecedented. Global threats such as COVID-19 and changing ecosystems are making the task of sustaining and growing an organization immensely difficult. In the context of EPR’s two-year theme of Digital Transformation, the board of directors proposed the topic of leading remote organisations for the leadership workshop, also known as the Workshop for Directors. Within this theme, the two workshops led by the Centre for Creative Leadership will address Building Organisational Resilience and Effective Leadership.

The first workshop will be held online via Zoom on the 30th of November, the second on 9th December. Session One will cover Building Organizational Resilience and the second session, Effective Leadership, through the Direction, Alignment, Commitment approach. For more information about the two sessions and the programme for the first workshop, have a look here below.

Session One: Building Organizational Resilience – 2 Hrs,
30/11/2021; 14.00-16.00

Workshop 1: Every organization needs to develop organizational resilience to not only survive but to grow capabilities for responding to continuous change. Based on CCL’s leading research, this two hour interactive session is designed to help leaders build and strengthen their organization’s resilience by applying CCL’s Organizational Resilience In Action Framework.

  • Understand the importance of building organizational resilience for increasing your organization’s capacity to respond to change and disruption
  • Learn a framework for anticipating, adapting, and assessing your organization’s resilience in order to meet current and future challenges
  • Self assess your organization’s resilience capabilities to identify strengths and areas for development
  • Discuss how collective and interdependent leadership drives organizational resilience to achieve sustained performance over the long term.

Session Two: Effective Leadership (D.A.C.) – 2 Hrs, online, Zoom
09/12/2021; 14.00-16.00

  • Better understand leadership as a social   process
  • Apply an effective approach to enhance leadership outcomes Direction, Alignment, Commitment
  • Learn how to improve leadership processes in the organization by identifying deficiencies through the DAC framework
  • Assess how well leadership is happening in the group
  • Identify actions that can be taken to improve leadership outcomes
  • Action Plan: Individual Reflection + Group Discussions

There will also be an exercise to prepare in advance to get the most out of the workshops – the Key Leadership Challenge Assessment and some brief reading. After the workshops participants will mplement the Action Plan, apply learnings to move forward on the Key leadership Challenge, and be able to access research papers & pre-recorded webinars provided by CCL.

For more information about the background of the workshop, CCL and the workshop trainer see the Programme below.

Fees for participation (both sessions, can be different people in each session)

Members in top fee bracket: 50€/person

Medium fee bracket: 40€/person

Low fee bracket: 30€/person

One session only? -10€

EPR partners: 100€/person


Two different people could participate in the sessions – please contact Laura Jones if you would like to organise participation in this way.

This is a member-only event unless space becomes available.

The registration form can be found below.


This event receives financial support from the European Union, from the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). For further information please consult:

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