The Project

QUASAR is an Erasmus+ funded project about assuring and improving quality in VET and care services for people with disabilities based on Rights and Quality of Life.

The most relevant priority is to improve quality assurance in VET and care, by promoting the knowledge about trends and key issues in quality assurance and quality management, including around quality of life and rights.


  • Raising awareness and improve knowledge of staff in the VET and care sectors about (a) recent developments; the latest EU and UN initiatives, trends and key topics in quality of services and quality assurance (b) the links between quality services, rights and quality of life (c) the perceptions of people with disabilities about quality of services.
  • Promote mutual learning/exchange of experience among staff involved in quality management and improve the implementation of quality assurance systems.
  • Propose improvements to quality assurance schemes to take into account aforementioned recent developments (EFQM, ISO, EQUASS, etc.).

Target group

Direct beneficiaries: organisations providing VET and care services for people with disabilities and/or with disadvantaged background and the staff (at all levels) from these organisations.

Indirect beneficiaries: service providers’ users (people with disabilities). The final aim of the project is to provide them with high-quality, rights-based, person-oriented services that will improve the quality of their daily life and assure them the right to live independently and to be included in the community, on an equal basis with others.

Expected Outcomes

  • A mapping of relevant research and publications related to quality topics and assurance in the social sector/VET.
  • An online manual to upskill staff, elaborated by the project partners and external experts, addressing key principles and themes, to enable professionals to provide services in an even better way, taking into account what was learnt, and also assess objectives, procedures, processes and policies currently implemented in the organization and, if needed, update them.
  • Recommendations for the improvement of existing quality assurance schemes

Discover the project’s Results

QUASAR Desk Research – Quality Assurance of VET Services based on Rights and Quality of Life:

QUASAR Survey & Focus Group Report:

QUASAR Booklet:

QUASAR articles

Explore our first article offering valuable insights and updates into the project’s achievements!

Quality Assurance of VET Services based on Rights and Quality of Life


The project is implemented by ISEM – Plataforma de entidades para la promoción e integración social de personas con enfermedad mental (Spain) in partnership with:


Irene Medina Herrero, Red ISEM, coordinacion@redisem.es

Benedetta Pesce, EPR, bpesce@epr.eu

Eberhard Lueder, EPR, elueder@epr.eu