The VOLT project (Video Online Learning and Training) responds to an ongoing need for inclusive and accessible digital learning opportunities; a need that became all the more apparent during the COVID-19 lockdown. The project aims at creating training resources for staff and learners in VET services for people with disabilities. By equipping staff with the knowledge and digital skills needed to quickly adapt to online training and learning environments, VET services can continue providing inclusive programs to people with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities without excluding them from the plethora of online tools that usually require an adequate level of digital and literacy skills. The familiar but powerful learning medium of videos will be utilised to create a learning platform easily accessible by all. The innovation of this project is utilising the simplicity of video learning and implementing this familiar and motivating teaching tool in a digital environment in distance learning


The objectives of the VOLT project are to:

  • Develop basic digital skills and competences in VET staff providing services to people with disabilities so that they can implement online, blended and distance teaching and training.
  • Equip VET staff in disability services with knowledge and skills based on the Universal Design for Learning and the Video Modeling
    methodology. Training staff and creating user-friendly tools will be motivating and will facilitate the provision of inclusive learning opportunities for learners with challenges accessing text-based materials.
  • Provide VET staff with knowledge, tools and training resources to train learners with disabilities in basic digital skills so that they can continue to engage in the education and training process when distance learning is required.
  • Train learners to acquire basic digital skills, using easily accessible and inclusive tools, so that participation in online, blended and distance teaching and training is possible.
  • Engage learners in the use of digital tools by producing video content for the VOLT Online Learning and Training platform. The co-production of videos will motivate the learners to actively engaging in training processes.
  • Create the open license with no-fee access VOLT Online Learning and Training platform, which will include videos modelling curricular, personal and work-related topics. • Improve the digital education and training readiness of VET services.


The project is led by Theotokos Foundation and implemented together with 4 organisations including:


Vaia Arsenopoulou, Theotokos Foundation: varsenopoulou@theotokos.gr

Panita Ball, EPR: pball@epr.eu