Talentoscoop was a transnational European Social Fund project which seeks to increase the diversity of labour integration in the social profit sector, starting from the concrete questions of the interested social profit organizations. It is promoted by GTB, VERSO and De Werkplekarchitecten (Sterpunt Ondernemen) along with international partners, including EPR.

The social sector needs more than 46,000 new workers every year in Flanders. Nevertheless, the diversity of employees within this sector is small and there is still a fairly low employment rate in Belgium. Verso, De Werkplekarchitecten and GTB seek to support social profit managers in employing people who are more distant from the labour market on their work floors. To this end, they have developed a service model in which every social profit organization has a single point of contact (SPOC) that make the organization’s questions concrete and links them with actions such as recruitment, workplace learning, job creation and staff retention. These actions are carried out by a workplace architect or a mediator such as GTB together with work teams within the social profit organization.

The Talentoscoop model was tested in Flemish Brabant, Limburg and East Flanders. Learning from each other is central in this project. The theme is how we can change and strengthen the mindset of managers to focus on diversity within their organization. This learning partnership consists of Corvinus University from Budapest, Inserta from Spain and the CRPG rehabilitation center from Portugal. The European Platform for Rehabilitation is the facilitator of this learning platform and has also disseminated the results within Europe.

Project partners at a Talentoscoop meeting

Talentoscoop has 3 main actions:

  • Increasing workplace diversity.
  • Influencing the mindset of management and teams.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of diversity in the workplace.

The final results of the project will be the following:

  • Tailor made service is created that guarantees a single point of contact for the employer if he or she has questions about supervision, recruitment, preventive team support in relation to our final target group, learning in the workplace, job creation and retention
  • Staff awareness of engaging in a diversity policy to strengthen organisation growth.
  • Assessing the realisation cost and social benefits of the service.
  • Facilitation of the service by using databases with single points of contact for employers. and job management for job seekers, employees and employers. This will be undertaken to achieve with a maximum alignment with existing initiatives in Flanders.

Talentoscoop Activities:

Pilot projects in East Flanders, Limburg and Flemish Brabant with 30 people. These participants are offered a place at a company for internship or employment.

Talentoscoop produced the following documents:

Contact information

For info, contact Patrick Ruppol, project coordinator: patrick.ruppol@gtb.be