The European Parliament adopted a new Directive on corporate sustainability reporting addressing inclusion of people with disabilities in companies

In November the European Parliament adopted the text amending the Directive on corporate sustainability reporting. This Directive sets out the sustainability reporting standards by which companies should report on their non-financial activities starting from 2023. The amended Directive places a greater focus on people with disabilities as well, as companies will be required to disclose information on social factors such as working conditions, equality, non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion.  When it comes to reporting on employment of people with disabilities, companies will have to specify their diversity policy and accessibility measures taken, also with a reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The European Commission will submit a report to the European Parliament on the implementation of this Directive in 2029, including an assessment of whether and how to ensure the accessibility for people with disabilities to the sustainability reporting published by companies.

>> Read the Directive here.