About EPR



Our Vision


EPR contributes to a society where every person with a disability or other disadvantages accesses the highest quality services that create equal opportunities and independent participation in society. EPR intends to ‘re-think’ and ‘re-invent’ service provision as well as service-providers with the aim to match reintegration and participation of clients with the newest developments of a market driven by objectives and outcomes.



Our Mission


The goal of the network is to assist its member organisations to achieve continuous professional improvement, best practice and sustainable growth in every aspect of service  delivery to people with disabilities and other disadvantages. Through its Public Affairs activities, the association also intends to enable service providers to contribute to the formulation of European social policy and legislation, as well as facilitating access to EU funding.



Our Values


Innovative and entrepreneurial pioneering


EPR wants to be a stimulating forum for ‘out of the box’ and creative thinking, helping its members to widen their perspective and develop creative answers to the challenges of tomorrow.  Leading the change and contributing to a modernisation of the sector are core elements of its strategy.


Openness to share and exchange expertise, knowledge and information


EPR strives for recognition from the various key players at the European level as being a pivotal platform for innovation and excellence in service provision. The objective is to utilise the wide range of expertise in its network in the interest of its members and the sector.




The network has a constructive and positive attitude towards European sectoral developments such as cross-border service-provision, competition, mainstreaming and the holistic approach to disability, and has expressed the aspiration to contribute substantially to the modernisation of the social services sector. Also in relation to its members, EPR wants to formulate concrete answers to challenges managers and professionals face in their every-day professional activities.


Independence and neutrality


EPR is independent from any external funding, and neutral in terms of both politics and religion.




EPR stands for professionally managed international co-operation in terms of responsiveness to members and partners, and management of its operations.




EPR is a network of service providers and professionals, and as such does not directly represent people with disabilities. At the same time, EPR works actively with representative structures of the disability movement, involves service-users on a regular basis in its activities, and focuses on client involvement and empowerment of user-groups.


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